Newsflash: Watch Kiki's take on influence, resilient and effective leadership from her "Leadership Perspectives" workshop for Westminster Business School, and read her latest article here.

Inspirational Keynotes

Inspirational keynote speaker Kiki Maurey, has been described by Barclays as “one of the best keynote speakers and facilitators in the country”, and by Warwick Business School as “world class”. If you need a unique keynote speaker...more

Soft Skills Masterclasses

Expert trainer Kiki Maurey runs motivational soft skills masterclasses designed to challenge, engage and offer practical and actionable insights so participants become more confident communicators, negotiators, coach-managers...more

Executive Coaching

Executive Coach Kiki Maurey has been increasingly called upon to support senior clients in the corporate sector and is developing a strong reputation in this field. She’s also been supporting small businesses since the late-80s...more

Management Consultancy

Kiki has provided management consultancy services to the private and public sectors, including national and local government for over 22 years. She's also served as a policy consultant in the Departments of Health, Education and Skills, and Business. Kiki is also an expert on change management and communications. If you’d like an expert opinion on how your organisation can better manage change, then do get in touch.


Client Testimonials

“Kiki is a brilliant presenter who takes no (or very few) hostages. Her style is honest and straightforward. Her experience and background create a rich and varied tapestry for her stories and case studies. Whether she works one-to-one or one-to-many, she always entertains and challenges.”

Robert Craven, business guru, author and MD of the Directors Centre


Great Feedback

The ‘Women in Natixis Network’ (WINN) invited Kiki to speak at their launch event in November 2015. WINN was keen to have a keynote speaker who would appeal to all staff, not just women. Having met her, anything you may read about Kiki’s approach to keynote speaking cannot prepare you for the force of nature that she is in real life! I was hooked from start to finish. The feedback for the event was overwhelmingly positive. Her remarks were thoughtful, engaging and humorous. Her personal and professional experience commended a lot of respect and provided food for thought long after the event."
Pierre-Henri Denain, CEO, EMEA, Natixis