Newsflash: Watch Kiki's take on influence, resilient and effective leadership from her "Leadership Perspectives" workshop for Westminster Business School, and read her latest article here.


Kiki has provided management consultancy services to the private and public sectors, including national and local government for over 22 years. She's also served as a policy consultant in the Departments of Health, Education and Skills, and Business. Kiki is also an expert on change management and communications. If you’d like an expert opinion on how your organisation can better manage change, then do get in touch.



“Kiki is a brilliant presenter who takes no (or very few) hostages. Her style is honest and straightforward. Her experience and background create a rich and varied tapestry for her stories and case studies. Whether she works one-to-one or one-to-many, she always entertains and challenges.”

Robert Craven, business guru, author and MD of the Directors Centre



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